Friday, April 8, 2011

TGIF!!! NEW GIFT pics!

Oh am I sooo glad it's FRIDAY!!! That means it's TREAT night and I get to take my girls to McDonalds for supper and let them blow off some STEAM in playland haha!!! I also get some MOM talk with the other moms that go hehe. YAY!!

I have made another pic to show you what can be found on FOUR SEASONS PLAZA EASTER HUNT!!!!! This one is an awesome GOLD DRESS from Elisea Carter # 13 on the hunt. Check out this SEXY dress...

isnt it just gorgeous??  You can get it at her store here...
Look for that egg and GRAB it up!!! Don't forget to check out the SALE as well. Beatrice in PINK!!! Another awesome dress.

Ok I didn't blog yesterday because i was deep in my programs and doing an assignment for school. I made some new pics for my tip jar when I host. I LOVE PICS..hehe

I have so much fun workin on pics. Who would ever guess I am a GRAPHICS ADDICT....LOL

Last night (THURSDAY) we had a BEST IN RIPPED contest over at CLUB FLAIR!! If you haven't checked it out yet you HAVE TO SOON. I host with the amazing DJ DAKOTA and she just rocks the tunes out. Always has me dancin in my seat!
Stop by the club sometime to see us on THURSDAYS!! We always have a blast. If you wanna listen to her stream heres the link...

That's it for today I think, better get some studying in giggles
TaTa for now.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy HUMP Day SL'ers

Alright I totally played hooky from studying today to play in my programs. But technically it's not really hooky if it's GRAPHICS involved is it? hehe I am calling it PRACTICE.... that's my story and I'm stickin to it!!
I made 2 pics from what I found in Dru's Easter Hunt over at FOUR SEASONS PLAZA. The first pic is of the boots that Devicious has for us.
These boots are awesome, and she has so much more to pick from in her store. A MUST see!!
Head on over to her store to get these boots..

Second pic I made today is of Estravaganza's gift, which oh MY gave me sooo many ideas for some more pics hehe. First time i tried a technique like this in SL. It's FUN!! This is one CUTSIE outfit and totally my style. I have to find the right pair of boots to go with it hehe.
Head on over to the plaza to pick this up as well. Here's the link...

This is one Hunt you can't miss!! I will post some more pics later.

Wednesday is a very special night at Zarco's!!! It's Romance night and we get to get all dressed up and listen to some romantic tunes from our awesome DJ's. The amazing live singer  Savannah Coronet also joins us. Tonight it's Thori OHare starting off at 2pm SLT. She's a brand new DJ and I'm soo excited to go hear her tonight. Come on by and see us, we have the BEST family in SL, very friendly and welcoming!! You won't wanna leave.
This is the gorgeous Ballroom Club that the very talented builder, Maria Zarco built for us to have all our  Romance events in. Click this link to come check us out.

That is it for me for now, it's time to get back to the Real World!! LOL
TaTa for now

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A little something about Jessie

Well here's to my very first blog post! I am so excited to be back in the bloggin world and hope you will come back to hear about my addictions and listen to my ramblings. LOL I used to blog back when i was a digital scrapbook designer, so this will be a new FUN way to blog.
So far in Secondlife it's been about FRIENDS, DANCING, SHOPPING and just EXPLORING! I love to see the graphics that is in SL. It STILL amazes me everytime I see something new. I am truely ADDICTED to Graphics. For those of you that know me already know I am back in school taking....GRAPHIC DESIGN!! giggles
I created this blog, well, because i wanted to share some of the fun stuff I like to do in this addictive world we call SECONDLIFE. I enjoy makin profile pics and landscaping and hanging out with my friends at a few of our FAMILY HOT spots. I will post more about those later on. I also want to try in clothing designing. I said TRY!!! hehe I don't have a lot of time to devote to it but I sure do wanna try it. If you would like any pics done just let me know. I am also going to start doing them for people on the side. Not gonna push it and advertise tho. It's something I love doing for the fun of it. JUST ASK!! That's the Graphics addict in me. OH and i LOVE to shop in SL so I will share all the cutesy things I find in here with you, so be prepared.

I think that is all I will say for now but I do have to share something with you before i go. A VERY dear friend of mine and SL sister owns a mall in here called FOUR SEASONS PLAZA. This is one of THE best malls you will find in all of SL. You have to go check it out and see for yourself and she is always there to help out if your LOST or stuck. Dru Paulino is the girl to go to for FASHION. Dru and her partner Lam Erin created this Mall and are constantly upgrading and fixing things to benefit you like adding new designers and holding JAZZ nights every Saturday night. They also have a brand new club called CLUB FLAIR. I tell you it's something you have to see for yourself. For Easter they are holding a HUNT and it's deffinately a MUST!! I was hunting all day and still not done and got some very awesome goodies. I will post some pics in the next few days as a peek if she says it's ok hehe.

Here is the starting point url

If you need the hints just IM me, I would be happy to send them your way. I had so much fun today and can't wait to go back and finish. I already have notes of which outfits i want to go back and get LOL.

That's it from me for now,
TaTa for now...