Friday, April 8, 2011

TGIF!!! NEW GIFT pics!

Oh am I sooo glad it's FRIDAY!!! That means it's TREAT night and I get to take my girls to McDonalds for supper and let them blow off some STEAM in playland haha!!! I also get some MOM talk with the other moms that go hehe. YAY!!

I have made another pic to show you what can be found on FOUR SEASONS PLAZA EASTER HUNT!!!!! This one is an awesome GOLD DRESS from Elisea Carter # 13 on the hunt. Check out this SEXY dress...

isnt it just gorgeous??  You can get it at her store here...
Look for that egg and GRAB it up!!! Don't forget to check out the SALE as well. Beatrice in PINK!!! Another awesome dress.

Ok I didn't blog yesterday because i was deep in my programs and doing an assignment for school. I made some new pics for my tip jar when I host. I LOVE PICS..hehe

I have so much fun workin on pics. Who would ever guess I am a GRAPHICS ADDICT....LOL

Last night (THURSDAY) we had a BEST IN RIPPED contest over at CLUB FLAIR!! If you haven't checked it out yet you HAVE TO SOON. I host with the amazing DJ DAKOTA and she just rocks the tunes out. Always has me dancin in my seat!
Stop by the club sometime to see us on THURSDAYS!! We always have a blast. If you wanna listen to her stream heres the link...

That's it for today I think, better get some studying in giggles
TaTa for now.

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